Nearly two decades after the Lakers left the historic Forum of Inglewood to play at the STAPLES Center in downtown Los Angeles, the LA Clippers are exploring the possibility of building a world class arena, practice facility and new corporate offices in the City of Inglewood.

In June of 2017, the Inglewood City Council, the Successor Agency to the Inglewood Redevelopment Authority, Parking Authority and the LA Clippers entered into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) process, setting a three-year timeframe to explore the possible development.

On February 20, 2018, the City of Inglewood published a Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which officially starts the public environmental review process under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Over the next year, the City will conduct a full environmental review of the proposed project site, and will also evaluate its fiscal and economic impacts. With two professional football teams moving to Inglewood, the City is poised to have a year-round entertainment district that will rival downtown LA.

The Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA, explained below) identified approximately 46 acres of land near the intersection of Century Boulevard and Prairie Avenue as the potential location for a new arena. The LA Clippers have identified approximately 27 acres of land within that area as the potential development site.

Any land covered by the ENA that the LA Clippers do not need for the project would be released from the ENA and made available for other uses.

(The ENA is the agreement that the Inglewood City Council, the Successor Agency to the Inglewood Redevelopment Authority, Parking Authority, and the LA Clippers entered into in June 2017. It sets a three-year timeframe to explore possible development of a state-of-the-art arena and surrounding campus.)

The site would serve as a campus for the LA Clippers, and will likely include a modern NBA arena, practice facilities, Clippers team office space, a sports medicine clinic, retail and dining uses, community space including a landscaped plaza, and parking.

The new arena would be 100 percent privately funded and privately capitalized. No public dollars will be used for this project.

The L.A. Clippers’ current lease with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) at STAPLES Center expires at the end of the 2023-2024 NBA season, just over six years from now. Putting a new project site together, conducting environmental review, obtaining the necessary entitlements and permits, and constructing a new arena will take about that much time to complete.

The City of Inglewood and related municipal entities own more than 80 percent of the land identified by the LA Clippers as the proposed project site. If the project is approved, the LA Clippers will purchase the properties that are owned by the City and related municipal entities at the appraised fair market value.

The remaining, privately-controlled parcels needed for the project would be acquired at appraised fair market value.

No. The proposed project site does not include any homes or churches. Furthermore, the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) prevents using eminent domain to take any homes or church property. Any privately controlled parcels that may be needed for the project would be acquired at appraised fair market value.

The proposed project site is not suitable for development of housing of any kind. It is located directly under the LAX flight path and is affected by aircraft noise that is not compatible with residential uses. Most of the parcels within the project site were acquired by the City through Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) noise mitigation grants that preclude future use of those parcels for residential purposes. The L.A. Clippers arena project is the best use of this land.

For approximately 20 years the City has sought to develop parts of the proposed project site, but none of those efforts have proved successful, and the site continues to largely sit vacant and underutilized.

There has been limited recent interest in developing the site, and the empty lots have caused nuisance issues for the adjacent residents. The City entered into the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) because of the unique economic development and employment opportunities that the project could create, and the project’s potential to expand the existing sports and entertainment center across Century Boulevard.

The LA Clippers are committed to working with Inglewood residents and businesses to develop a premier basketball arena that will create a tremendous sense of pride, an economic engine and a source of employment opportunities for residents of Inglewood and the greater Los Angeles community.

The project will create good paying jobs and will include a local hiring goal for Inglewood residents. The new arena will provide more entertainment, shops and restaurants for local residents to enjoy.

In addition, the Clippers Arena Inglewood project will generate substantial new tax revenue for Inglewood schools, parks, libraries, and police and fire services.

The City of Inglewood has started its environmental review process for the proposed project, which includes several opportunities for the public to make comments, either verbally or in writing. Additionally, the LA Clippers plan to host many community meetings that will give members of the public an opportunity to give their input on the proposed arena project. To stay informed, sign up on our contact page and we will keep you updated.